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Why are the Kenyon Farm Runners in Elgin the most amazing group of runners? This email sums it up….


I heard about it yesterday and was also absolutely floored that he had made such a totally inappropriate and unfair comment.  I am very sorry and certainly understand your feelings.  I appreciate that you took the time to let us know about how this has affected you.
I have heard countless times over the years that despite our varied backgrounds, careers, ethnicity, social interests, and running abilities that everyone finds our group to be very inclusive, encouraging, completely non-judgmental.  I think that up until now, we all would agree (and have taken pride in the fact) that our running group has been a safe haven from that kind of BS and that we all promote each others’ positive self image.  I am very sorry and disappointed that we have failed to live up to that credo in this case. 

I know that ***  will occasionally make some off the wall comments, but they have never been directed at any individual and most of us have just seen them as being part of his sometimes quirky personality.  However, while he may think this is innocent and in fun, it is not acceptable he should know it. l had planned to speak to him about it next time I saw him, but will not wait and will contact him immediately.  I can assure you that *** will hear that we were all taken aback by it; and furthermore that such comments and behavior have no place with us.        

Please know that you are very well thought of and are a valued member of our group.  I ask that you do not let this dissuade you from running with us again, because we also love running with you.  In fact, you are my prime source of motivation for the year….. there is no way I would be running long distances this summer if not for my promise to do the 2nd half of Chicago with you. 

Hope to see you soon.

I'm here to lead by example.