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I haven’t blogged in a while… Excuses include back to teaching 5 days a week, coaching soccer, and running which has left me more than unmotivated.

I did just complete Two Fall marathons-Fox Valley (September 16) in 4:49 and Chicago (October 10) in 4:47.   Neither was a pr, but honestly I didn’t train like I should have either.  Yes, I am happy I ran them, but at the same time I’m not wowed like I use to be after running a marathon.  I didn’t get that feeling at mile 23 or 24 like I use too and I def hit the wall during both of these marathons.  Am I done running marathons?  Probably not, but I think it is time to refocus and decide what my next goal is…  My husband always says, “Go big or go home.”  So I’m thinking a half ironman is just what I need-a variety of sports and still a big challenge.  With that being said-who’s going to train and complete one with me? :)

I'm here to lead by example.