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I’ve made it 14 days out of my 90 day plan of working out everyday.  I am trying, no I should say I am working out everyday until our anniversary on May 28th. I’m wanting  to run faster, get more miles in, and lose these last 10 pounds.  I figure if I do at least 30 minutes of working out everyday this has to happen.

So far, I’ve ran almost 50 miles in the past two weeks, taken 5 one hour classes at the gym, lifted 3 times (I’m working on doing this more), played 4 hours of tennis as well as my Sunday night soccer league games.

Today, it took a lot to get me to run 3.5 miles as I was so sore from a hard run and my bootcamp class that I took last night for an hour.  Normally, I would have taken today off, but with this beautiful weather I just took my time to enjoy life outside, while getting healthy too!

I'm here to lead by example.